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When searching for your cabin, know the questions to ask before you buy.

Consider the big difference between handcrafted cabins and manufactured cabins. You will find it almost impossible to compare the two because of the way each style is produced. Montana Mobile Cabins provides you with a complete cabin. Each cabin we build is uniquely designed, and no two cabins are ever the same. Don't be taken in by the low price of some cabin kits. Judge, compare, and see for yourself. 

Montana Mobile Cabins (Shotgun Construction) understands that the decision to purchase a cabin requires extensive time and research. There is a wide variety of cabin construction styles, and each builder brings something unique to the handcrafted cabin. Below are some frequently asked questions to give you a sense of what makes a Montana Mobile Cabin unique.

What is a handcrafter?

Where can a mobile cabin be delivered?

Log home/cabin handcrafters have traditionally been small operations. We produce your cabin much the way the settlers and homesteaders did, by carefully selecting each individual tree. We use hand-held tools such as a draw knife to hand peel the logs, as well as chisels and scribes to notch and shape each log. The manner in which we select and cut our logs differs significantly from the methods used by manufacturers. Generally, in a manufactured kit you will find milled logs which have been cut to uniform shape and size. Our logsmiths select logs to span the full length of the wall; they cut and shape every log to fit a specific location in your cabin. When we work with full round logs, the log retains the natural shape of the tree. Our logsmiths are skilled individuals, who custom build each and every cabin in the traditional way. Each handcrafter is an artisan, and the finished cabin is a work of art.

Our complete mobile cabins are only delivered within the state of Montana. Please contact us for more information regarding deliveries.

What is a mobile cabin?

At Shotgun Construction we have developed Montana Mobile Cabins, the concept of constructing a fully complete cabin onsite at our location and transporting that complete cabin to your location.

What size cabins do you build?

Disclaimer: Cabin sizes range from the 6x9 Playhouse or Sauna to the 14x20 Hunter. Exact cabin sizes and availability depend on available materials and market conditions, the available cabins on our lot is subject to change. See On the Market for current offerings.

What type of foundation is needed for the mobile cabin?

Our mobile cabin package comes complete with a concrete ecology block foundation, or you may choose, at your own expense, a wide variety of foundations: crawl space, slab, full basement, etc. The price of the cabin package includes a concrete ecology block foundation and setting of the cabin on the same. Additional charges may apply if the cabin is set on anything other than the concrete ecology block foundation that is part of the cabin package.

Are there delivery charges?

Delivery charges are calculated based on mileage from Montana Mobile Cabins shop in Whitehall, Montana, current fuel costs, and difficulty of accessing the site. Generally, we recommend a site visit to your proposed cabin location in order to quote a delivery cost.

Is there a custom build option?

Montana Mobile Cabins no longer offers a custom build option. The focus at Montana Mobile Cabins has always been on building quality, handcrafted, limited-edition cabins, and as our business and the market have evolved, we have shifted our building model in order to continue to create cabins that will be enjoyed for years to come. We now focus on creating quality, handcrafted, limited-edition cabins based on available new and reclaimed materials, as well as unique design inspiration, and then offering that cabin for sale. When you purchase a Montana Mobile Cabin, you are also purchasing decades' worth of experience and passion for the product. As we continue to manage supply chain issues and labor shortages, we have scaled production back to one or two cabins per year. If you are interested in joining our waitlist, please contact us. Follow along with cabin maintenance tips and tricks, new builds, and flashbacks via our Updates page, or visit our On the Market tab to view this year's special edition cabin.

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