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Our focus at Montana Mobile Cabins is building quality, handcrafted, limited-edition cabins that will be enjoyed for years to come. We craft cabins using available new and reclaimed materials as well as unique design inspiration and then offering that cabin for sale upon completion. When you purchase a Montana Mobile Cabin, you are also purchasing decades' worth of experience and passion for the product. There are typically several cabins in various states of construction at the MMC lot, so there is always a variety of unique cabin choices. Contact us to set up a viewing at the MMC building yard, join the waitlist, or learn more about our products.

Cabin For Sale!
14x20 Hunter Cabin
Built by Montana Mobile Cabins

Cabin for sale by owner. Built by MMC, completed in fall 2017 and delivered in spring 2017. Click here for further specifications. Contact us for more information.


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